Best 3 Wineries in Ontario CA: Top Picks for Wine Lovers

Ontario, California, is home to some of the best wineries in the United States. The region is known for its warm climate and fertile soil, and it is ideal for growing grape varieties. From small family-owned vineyards to large estate vineyards, Ontario has no shortage of wineries to explore.

Wine lovers can enjoy a variety of experiences at the wineries in Ontario, California. Many offer wine tastings, allowing visitors to sample wines and learn about the winemaking process. Some wineries also offer tours of their vineyards and cellar, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how their wines are made. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax on the patio with wine.

Sustainability is also a top priority for many wineries in California, and Ontario is no exception. Wineries are reducing their environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices in their vineyards and winemaking processes. Visitors can learn about these practices and the importance of sustainability in the wine industry during their visit to the wineries in Ontario.

Best Wineries in Ontario California

Ontario, California is home to some of the best wineries in the United States. From estate vineyards to tasting rooms, there are plenty of options for wine lovers to explore. Here are some of the top wineries to visit in Ontario, California:

1. Galleano Winery

Galleano Winery is a family-owned and operated winery producing wine since 1933. They specialize in bold reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings and tours of the estate vineyards.


Address: 4231 Wineville Rd, Jurupa Valley, CA 91752, USA

2. Joseph Filippi Winery

Joseph Filippi Winery is known for its award-winning Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They also offer a variety of red and white wines, as well as sparkling wine. Visitors can enjoy tastings in their tasting room or take a winery tour.


Address: 2467 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, USA

3. San Antonio Winery

San Antonio Winery is the oldest winery in Ontario, California, producing wine since 1917. They offer various wines, including Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Visitors can tour the winery and enjoy tastings in their tasting room.


Address: 737 Lamar St, Los Angeles, CA 90031, United States

Ontario Wineries with Lunch

Ontario, California is home to several world-renowned wineries that offer visitors an unforgettable wine-tasting experience. Some of these wineries also offer lunch, making for a perfect day trip with friends or family.

One such winery is the Galleano Winery, which offers a variety of lunch options to visitors. Guests can choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, and pizzas, all of which are made with fresh, local ingredients. Galleano Winery is known for its bold reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, which pair perfectly with their lunch offerings.

Another must-visit winery in Ontario is the Joseph Filippi Winery. Here, visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the stunning views of the vineyards. The winery offers a variety of wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah. Their lunch menu features a selection of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and a variety of appetizers and desserts.

For those looking for a unique lunch experience, the San Antonio Winery is a must-visit. The winery offers a selection of Italian-inspired dishes, including pasta, pizza, and paninis. Guests can also enjoy a wine flight or a glass of their favorite red or white wine with their meal. San Antonio Winery is known for its award-winning red wines, including its signature Riboli Family Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wineries in California

California is home to some of the best wineries in the world. The state is known for its diverse wine regions, including Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Sonoma County, and the Central Coast. Californian wine is made from various grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel.

Winemaking in California is a complex process that involves several steps. The first step is to harvest the grapes, which are then crushed to extract the juice. The juice is then fermented, and the resulting wine is aged in barrels before it is bottled.

Many wineries in California are committed to sustainability and use environmentally friendly practices in their winemaking process. For example, some wineries use solar power to generate energy, while others use recycled water to irrigate their vineyards.

Napa Valley is one of California’s most famous wine regions, and it is home to some of the best wineries in the state. The region is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, grown in the valley’s warm climate and volcanic soils.

Paso Robles is another wine region in California known for its excellent wineries. The region is located on the Central Coast and is known for its Zinfandel and Rhône-style wines.

Sonoma County is another popular wine region in California, and it is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The region is located just north of San Francisco and has over 425 wineries.

Overall, California is a must-visit destination for wine lovers, with its diverse wine regions, excellent wineries, and commitment to sustainability.