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 Sake Producers


Gekkeikan Sake
1136 Sibley St., Folsom, CA  95630
Phone: (916) 985-3111  Fax: (916) 985-2221 

Hakusan Sake Gardens
Closed Napa Operations April 2004

Momokawa Sake
820 Elm St., Forest Grove, OR 97116
Phone: (800) 550-7253 or (503) 357-7056  Fax: (503) 357-1014
E-mail:   support@sakeone.com 
Daiginjo Sak, Moonstone, Sake One

Ozeki Sake 
249 Hillcrest Rd., Hollister, Ca 95023
Phone: (831) 637-9217  Fax: (831) 637-0953
E-mail: kyoshida@ozekisake.com 

Takara Sake 
708 Addison, St., Berkeley, CA 94710 
Phone: (510) 540-8250
E-mail: tsuhg@mb.infoweb.ne.jp 
Hours: daily noon-6pm
Tasting: yes, no charge 
Sho Chiku Bai Sake


Aihara Shuzo 
E-mail: aihara@urban.ne.jp 

Amabuki Shuzo
E-mail: info@amabuki.co.jp 

Chiyo no Sono Shuzo 
E-mail: info@chiyonosono.co.jp 

Choryu Shuzo
E-mail: e-choryo@iidagroup.co.jp 

Bishonen Shuzo 
E-mail: sake@bishonen.co.jp 

E-mail: dwz@dewazakura.co.jp 

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing
E-mail: tsuru1@ix.netcom.com 

Hikami Seishu  
E-mail: dmhikami@crocus.ocn.ne.jp 

Honda Shoten 

Hosui Shuzo 
E-mail: housui@housui.com 

Imada Shuzo Honten 
E-mail: mailto:fukucho@triton.ocn.ne.jp 

Ito Shuzo 
E-mail: bisyu@cty-net.ne.jp 

Izumibashi Sake 

Kamikokoro Shuzo 
E-mail: info@kamikokoro.co.jp 

E-mail: info@kamoizumi.co.jp 

Kamimusubi Sake 
E-mail: webmaster@kamimusubi.co.jp 

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing
E-mail: soumu@kikumasamune.co.jp 

Kikuizumi Takizawa Sake Brewery  
E-mail: kikuizumi@nifty.com 

Kikusui Brewery 
E-mail: kikusui@bic-akita.or.jp 

Konishi Brewing 
E-mail: shiokawa@gmsnet.com 

E-mail: info@madonoume.co.jp 

Murashige Shuzo
E-mail: kuromatu@ymg.urban.ne.jp 

Nadagiku Shuzo 

Nakagawa Shuzo 
E-mail: gohriki@mocha.ocn.ne.jp 

Nakamoto Shuzoten 
E-mail: mailto:yozaemon@kcn.ne.jp 

Miyashita Sake Brewing or http://www.msb.co.jp/ 
E-mail: info@msb.co.jp 

Nakatani Brewing  
E-mail: MQN35922@biglobe.ne.jp 

Nate Shuzoten 
E-mail: nategen@cypress.ne.jp 

Nishiyana Shuzoba 
E-mail: info@kotsuzumi.co.jp 

Otokoyama Sake 

E-mail: mailto:staff@amanosake.com 

Suishin Yamane Honten 
E-mail: yamanehonten@suishinsake.co.jp 

Takasago Shuzmo 
E-mail: info@takasago-sake.co.jp 

Tanaka Sake Brewery
E-mail: info@musashinosato.com 

Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing 
E-mail: international@hakushika.co.jp 

Tenzan Sake Brewer Corp. 
E-mail: info@tenzan.co.jp 

Tsuji Honten 
E-mail: info@gozenshu.co.jp 

Tosazuru Shuzo 

Toshimori Brewery 
E-mail: hitosuji@sakehitosuji.co.jp 

Tomiyasu Honke Shuzo 

Tsukasa Botan Shuzo 
E-mail: ainet@tsukasabotan.co.jp 

Umenishiki Sake 
E-mail: sake@umenishiki.com 

Umenoyado Sake Brewery 

Wakabayashi Shuzo 

Wakatakeya Jozo 
E-mail: webmaster@wakatakeya.com 

Yamaken Honten
E-mail: sake@sakejapan.com 

Yoneda Shuzo 

Yoshimura Shuzo 
E-mail:  mailto:yoshimura@fuzuru.co.jp


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