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Rhone Rangers

Rhone Rangers

The Rhone Rangers mission is to educate the public about American-grown Rhone wine grapes 
and the wines they produce. The "Rangers" adopted the French government's list of grape varieties 
allowed in the Cote du Rhone as the criteria for membership. Any winery in the U.S. that makes
wine from these varieties may join, if its Rhone style wines contain 75% of Rhone varieties from the list.

For a list of  Rhone Ranger's  Click Here

The Grape Varieties

White Grapes

Viognier, is one of the most difficult grapes to grow. It makes a floral and spicy white wine, medium to
full-bodied and very fruity, with apricot and peach aromas. In the Northern Rhone, it is the basis of the
wines of Condrieu and Chateau-Grillet

A white wine grape of the northern Rhne Valley, mainly for blending with the white wine grape Marsanne.

A full-bodied, moderately intense wine with spice, pear and citrus notes. Popular in the Rhne & Australia
(especially  Victoria) has some of the world's oldest vineyards. California's "Rhne-Rangers" have had
considerable success with this variety.

Red Grapes

The basis for the great reds of the Northern Rhone. Black cherry, spice, pepper, tar & leather with 
smooth tannins & supple texture make this wine a growing favorite.  With early drinking appeal it 
also has the ability to age well to form more complex wines.

Used mainly for blending and the making of Rose and Blush Wines in California, while in France it is
blended to make Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Originally from Spain is the second most widely grown grape 
in the world.  It produces a fruity, spicy, medium-bodied wine

A pleasing wine, of medium-weight, with spicy cherry and berry flavors and moderate tannins. 
Often used in Chteauneuf-du-Pape.

Generally used in blends, Cinsault tends to be low in tannin, and often added to blends to add spice.

Known as Carignane in California, and Cirnano in Italy. Once a major blending grape for jug wines,
Carignan's popularity has diminished though it still appears in some blends. Old vineyards are sought
after for the intensity of their grapes

For more information on the Rhone Rangers visit their  web site  


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