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Wineries may use animal derived products in the "Fining Process". Examples of animal
products used are:
Gelatin, Isinglass, Chitosan Casein and Egg Albumen. Bulls blood is also used in some Mediterranean countries but is not allowed in the US or France.

To remove proteins, yeasts, and other organic particles which are in suspension during the making of the wine, a "fining agent" is added to the top of the vat. As it sinks down, the particles adhere to the agent, and are carried out of suspension. None of the fining agent remains in the finished product sold in the bottle, and not all wines are fined.

As an alternative to the animal products Bentonite, a natural, inert clay powder, can be used to clarify the wine. There are even some very patient vintners who let the wine's sediments settle naturally. Winemakers are not required to put on their label which clarifier is used, since it is removed from the final product.


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